TO CAMP WEBERNST! The camp that does it all: new friends, hikes, karaoke, dance parties, bonfires, crafts, and, most importantly, OUR WEDDING! Camp WebErnst is taking place Wed. 9/14 - Sun. 9/18 at the base of beautiful Mt. Rainier in Ashford, Washington! We cannot wait to celebrate with you! 

Love, Chelsie & Jimmy

-Please RSVP by April 1-

CAMP DISCLAIMER: We know it is a huge commitment to travel for a wedding - both in dollars & time. Know that we completely understand if you are unable to make it. We will be hosting a picnic reception in Columbus on Oct. 8th to celebrate with those unable to make it to Washington.

*COVID rules are simple: Don't be a dick. If you're not vaccinated, please take a test before coming. If you have symptoms while at camp, take a test. Hopefully this is an afterthought by Sept, but just be safe and considerate of the group*

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